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An information technology company specialized in building financial and insurance technology systems and investing in emerging companies for the electronic and financial commerce sector.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance

An insurance that protects medical practitioners from the risks they face in their work and the liability towards others immediately.

Vehicle Insurance

The fastest in the Kingdom to compare and purchase vehicle insurance coverage and issue an insurance policy instantly.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance for employees of small and medium enterprises through Bcare platform Compare with ease and clarity, Issuance of an insurance policy immediately.

Leasing Finance System 360

A service offering quotes for insurance companies, to facilitate the insurance process for customers of banks and finance companies, in addition to giving customers a personal file on the leasing financing platform to benefit from after-sales services and view many details.

Travel insurance

Insurance companies provide an insurance policy for travelers on international flights with comprehensive coverage of risks related to travel outside Saudi Arabia for the duration of the trip or missing the departure time by minutes and immediately.

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insurtech ERP

An ERP system that covers all tasks of the internal departments of insurance brokerage companies


A digital brokerage company authorized by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia that aims to provide an innovative addition to the financial market through a platform called NQDI to provide comparison and immediate request for all financing products in line with the Kingdom's vision in its digital transformation to develop the financial sector.



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Company Branches

Saudi Arabia

Al Thoumamah Rd, Ar Rabi, 
Riyadh 13316

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